Long Lasting Waterproofing Services in Cape Town

Waterproofing is the act of making a certain surface impermeable to water. The surface is waterproofed in order to prevent it from water penetration. CPT Coats are the leading waterproofing contractors in with clients all over Cape Town. Our expert painting contractors specialize mainly in Painting and waterproofing. This enables us to concentrate and give our clients the best services due to our vast knowledge and experience.

There are many waterproofing companies in Cape Town which specialize in water and damp proofing. Our main focus is to give the required services to the people in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. Call us here: 087 550 8102

When the company is given the contract to waterproof a certain roof or housing, it will cover all the leakages. These leakages are the ones which tend to allow water to leak and penetrate into a house. We will also repair and take caution of the possibility of any leakage.

For the waterproofing of a flat roof, any opening which will lead to water pouring into the house is covered. To waterproof a flat roof, a high performance polyurethane membrane coating is applied in liquid form. This makes the surface of the roof to be resistant to water and rain damage. However a thin layer of waterproof material is also used . This material is continuous and offers no path for water penetration.

Basement And Concrete Water Proofing

To achieve basement waterproofing, there are several measures which have been put in place. One can readily divert the water that has penetrated a foundation. This water can be diverted by use of an interior wall and fitting of the floor sealers. Interior and exterior drainage systems can also be constructed.

These drainage patterns are the ones which will be used to drain excess water and prevent it from penetrating the foundation. Exterior coatings can also be applied to the basement. The coatings too should be waterproof.

For effective waterproofing, a waterproof concrete is also used. This concrete is used to permanently repair the cracks, joints and holes which are found to be leaking. It is also used to resurface a damaged waterproof surface and also the deteriorating roofs and floors