Power Wash And High Pressure Roof Cleaning Service

Keeping the roof clean is more than making sure your house suffers less dust and dirt; the two can weaken the roof over time as pests and mold decide to take root. Since it is one of the most critical components of any building, it must be kept free of contaminants. Give us a call on 087 550 8102.

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Your roof cleaning in Cape Town should be regularly undertaken yourself with periodic jobs left to professionals. Professional high pressure roof cleaning services use commercial or industrial-grade equipment capable of roof tile cleaning without damaging the paint paint on the roof. The interim period is where you step in so that you do not have to pay much for professional services.

Basic Cleaning Tips

During high pressure roof cleaning is the perfect time to check for defects and damages to the ceiling. Small repairs can be done yourself, but professional services will do a better job especially for extensive repairs. Damaged shingles are best replaced, and significant damage to a large section of the roof should also entail replacement, not repair.

It’s tempting to hire or use an existing pressure washer because most dirt on rooftops is hard to remove. However, unless it is a concrete roof, shingles and shakes can’t endure pressure washing a roof. The best way to make sure the roof is kept clean is to undertake regular power washing house at least once in two months. Professionals should clean your roof at least twice a year.

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Aside from regular cleaning, periodic inspections must be conducted to catch early damage. Repair costs can be high because they have to be done professionally. Replacements are even more expensive. Warnings signs of damage include rust spots on flashings, cracked caulk, worn pipes and areas around the chimney and shingles which blister or curl.

The growth of moss and lichen, as charming as they may be, can signal a decaying roof which should be professionally inspected and moss removal from roof repaired at the earliest. Cracks and tears on any areas must be followed by repair and proper sealing to prevent leaks and further damage.